A married mother with 3 children who works part-time as a IMC nurse, I soon found myself with an a lot of extra time on my hand when my youngest started school 2 years ago. I considered going back to college and getting my master's degree for a minute(literally) but quickly decided that was not the path that was right for me.

So what to do with all this free time? Take up a hobby of course. Only needlepoint and crocheting aren't really my thing. Then the idea hit me, write a story! I have always had a wild imagination, and one character in particular had been rolling around in my mind since I was in high school.

The start was slow. However, little by little the story began to build and the further along I progressed the more excited I became. Once finished I decided to let a few people read my story, which had ended up being over 300 pages long! That was one of the hardest things I have ever done. It felt like I was exposing a side of myself that no one else knew about and the thought that they might not like it, or that they would think I was totally crazy, scared me to death.

I turned out to be pleasantly surprised, they loved it. And more and more people began to give me positive feedback. Now K: The Awakening is available on Amazon for all to enjoy. The second installment, Linked, will be released by Anchor Group Publishing in April of 2016 and the third is already in progress. So please check it out and if you enjoy it leave a review so it can find its way to more people!!