The 澳门开奖结果 Meeting Organisers

To offer you the best and make the 澳门开奖结果 Meeting an unforgettable event, dentists, researchers, academics, event organisers and industry representatives collaborate for a whole year with the scientific coordinators and the speakers within four dedicated committees, each in charge of managing a specific aspect of the Meeting, with the support of the 澳门开奖结果’s permanent staff.

1. The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee plans and organises the Conference programme, focusing on new and innovative ways to deliver continuing education to dentists. The Scientific Committee ensures that the sessions are carried out successfully and takes part in assessing their quality via a questionnaire given to all participants.

The 2024 Committee Experts


Scientific Director



Sylvain CATROS

Dental Research


Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry

Emmanuel D’INCAU


Philippe DOUCET




Marc-Henri NIVET

Orthodontics/Dentofacial Orthopaedics


Dental Surgery Organisation, Ergonomics, and Management

Sophie VEYRE

Oral Surgery and Oral

Sybille VITAL

Paediatric Dentistry

2. The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee guides and facilitates the work of the Scientific Committee based on its past experience of 澳门开奖结果 Meetings. It also encourages and promotes new formats and training approaches, provided that their value and feasability have been demonstrated, and ensures that the scientific programme is organized with all the necessary guarantees of success.

澳门开奖结果 Secretaries General

  • Julien LAUPIE
  • Doniphan HAMMER


Scientific Advisors

  • Marwan DAAS
  • Laurent GINESTE
  • R茅gis NEGRE
  • Christian VERNER

3. The 澳门开奖结果-Comident Liaising Committee

The Exhibition is organised in collaboration with , the French dental trade and industry association.

澳门开奖结果 Representatives

  • Julien LAUPIE
  • Doniphan HAMMER
  • Nathalie CROUZAT
  • Guillaume BAUDRY

Comident Representatives

  • Pierre-Yves LE MAOUT
  • Olivier LAFARGE
  • David GOURDY
  • Nicolas BRILLAUD

4. The Technical Committee

The Technical Committee manages and supervises the logistics of the scientific sessions 鈥 of the hands-on workshops in particular 鈥 , of the member associations’ business meetings, and of all the activities peripheral to the Meeting, ensuring that the event runs smoothly.


  • Jean-Christophe CHAGNON



  • Guillaume BAUDRY
  • Jean-Charles BEYAERT
  • Philippe BROUSTE
  • Nathalie CROUZAT
  • Vincent FOUQUET
  • Luc LECERF

The 澳门开奖结果 Permanent Staff

Nathalie CROUZAT – Managing Director

Guillaume BAUDRY – Exhibition General Manager
Lydia DUPIN – Digital Communications
Touria HAMMOU – Registration and Follow-up
Feranmi ISREAL – Accounting Assistant
Christophe MARNEUX – Administrative Officer
Guy MELKI – IT Manager

Nina MORENCY – Continuing Education Research Coordinator
Annabelle NEVOA – Receptionist
Samantha PAG脠S – Editor
J茅r么me PETIT – Accountant
Audrey RASSOU – Exhibitor Relations Manager
Marie-Laurence RUCHE – Head of Communications
Val茅rie SAINT-YVES – 澳门开奖结果 Community Life Manager
Isabelle SIGNOL – Customer Relations Manager