Registration Fees

Registration opens on 10 June for dentists, dental assistants and dental lab technicians, and in September for dental students

  • The Exhibition is open to all healthcare professionals. Admission is free.聽 聽
  • Admission to the Conference requires payment of a registration fee.聽

The registration fee is divided into

  • a mandatory weekly pass that gives access to all lectures and live clinical demonstrations (a daily pass is also available for dentists).
  • an optional additional fee for the workshops and cycles, which are limited-attendance sessions (and are in French only).

See registration formalities

The Weekly Pass

The Attendee Registration includes:

  • admission to all the sessions of the Conference excluding workshops and cycles
  • admission to the Exhibition for its entire duration
  • a Conference Attendee bag.


Dentists working in France

  • 鈧669 from 10 June to 14 Jul. 2024
  • 鈧789 from 15 Jul. to 30 Sept. 2024
  • 鈧949 from 01 Oct. to 25 Nov. 2024
  • 鈧1,049 from 26 Nov. to 30 Nov. 2024

Dentists working outside of France but in the EU or Switzerland

  • 鈧569

Dentists working outside of the EU

  • 鈧300

Daily Pass

Tuesday afternoon + Wednesday
OR Thursday
OR Friday + Saturday morning

  • 鈧469 from 15 Jul. to 30 Sept.
  • 鈧589 from 1 Oct. to 30 Nov.

Dental Assistant

  • 鈧439

Dental Student

  • 鈧45 – limited to 1,000 passes / Registration opens in September

Dental Lab Technician聽

  • 鈧319

Other professions

  • 鈧669

The Workshops and Cycles

All workshops and cycles are limited-attendance sessions. The workshops and cycles are in French only.

  • Additional registration fee per workshop: 鈧250

  • Additional registration fee per cycle: 鈧400